"Dietje is a first rate designer with a great range -- bold and innovative to delicate and classic. She is excellent with commissions, responsive to your desires while imbuing the finished work with her own creative spark. The result: a beautiful, timeless piece."
Susan (Client)







Dietje Hagedoorn Art and Jewellery

Anvil, woodblock, torch and crucible -- these are among the age-old tools of Dietje Hagedoorn's craft. Her approach to making jewellery is a sensitive melding of traditional practices with innovative contemporary designs.

Artist and craftsperson, Dietje draws her inspiration from the beauty she sees in both natural and human-built designs, blending form and function into miniature works of art. She takes pride in her attention to detail, in listening to the metals and gemstones and letting them guide her towards creating something unique and beautiful … for you or someone you love.

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